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Luboplon Ca-Mg ( S ) 27-16 ( 10 )
Improves supply of secondary components - calcium, magnesium and sulphur to plants.

Intended use:
Luboplon is intended for application in any soil conditions, regardless of the type of cultivation method. It is recommended for soils with low content of calcium and magnesium. Its basic significance consists in improvement of supply of cultivated plants with secondary components, such as: calcium, magnesium and sulphur. The function of these components, especially magnesium and calcium, is stimulation of the yield-forming effect of nitrogen. Plants well fed with sulphur and calcium are less susceptible to attacks of patogens. The components of Luboplon shall be released easily and gradually during vegetation season.

Nutrients (% m/m):
  - 27% (CaO) complete calcium oxide
  - 16% (MgO) complete magnesium oxide
  - 10% (SO3) complete sulphur trioxide

Intended use and dosage:
Luboplon should be applied prior to seeding. Depending on the content of the available magnesium in the soil, the doses of the fertilizer shall amount to 150-350 kg/ha. It can be also applied mixing with fertilizers.


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