Premium granular fertilizer

Fertilizers from the Grupa Azoty

Grupa Azoty fertilizers meet the growing needs of farmers and gardeners. The product range is expanded and improved according to the needs of the market. The offered fertilizers not only increase the yield, improve the biological values of the crop, but also protect nature.

Grupa Azoty unites the largest Polish chemical plants, ie the Tarnów, Kędzierzyn-Koźle, Police, Puławy and Gdańsk plants. Thus, in terms of their production capacity, they have become the largest producers of nitrogen and multicomponent fertilizers in Europe.

They believe that the more perfect plant varieties a farmer has, the more important good fertilizers and sensible fertilization are to help plants grow in the most precise way.

Grupa Azoty meets the highest standards in the world: ISO 9001 quality management, ISO 14001 impact on nature and PN-N 18001 in the field of occupational health and safety in accordance with the Integrated Management Systems. Adherence to global standards is a testament not only to the modernity of the products, but above all to their quality.

The presented fertilizer offer enables very efficient fertilization, which not only increases the size and “reliability” of crop yields, but also financial satisfaction.



Flexible containers not exceeding 500 kg may be stored in piles of not more than 3 layers, if they weigh more than 500 kg in stacks of 2 layers only