Leaf (foliar) fertilizers


Innovative research is underway around the world to increase the resilience of field crops to adverse environmental conditions and their productivity. An unusual way to combat stress is to fertilize the plants and feed them with silicon. The Snajper 19N silicon-containing liquid foliar fertilizer contains an additional 19% nitrogen in addition to the 2% easily absorbed silicon. All nitrogen is in amide form. It is derived from high quality urea have not received any surface treatment. The amide form of Nitrogen is gradually released and thus provides an even supply to the plants during the growing season.

Silicon plays an important role in plant life, especially in the development of protective mechanisms against adverse environmental conditions..

  1. It increases the resistance of plants to diseases and pests - reinforced cell walls are a natural barrier against fungal spores and insects that transmit viral plant diseases.
  2. It reduces the tilt of plants - increasing the mechanical resistance of the tissues directly affects the stability of the stems - the tilt of cereals.
  3. Limits evaporation - thanks to reinforced cell walls, the plant loses less water by evaporation.
  4. It increases the resistance of plants to low and high temperatures.
  5. Relieves the effects of plant water shortages (drought and salinization)
  6. It increases the phosphorus uptake of plants in very acidic and basic soils. Silica H3PO4 releases uptake of phosphorus from moderately soluble calcium phosphates, clay and iron, thereby forming Ca / Al / Fe-SiO4 silicates.
  7. It is involved in the detoxification of metals (Al, Mn, Cd, Hg, Ni, Zn, Cu) in acidic and contaminated soils.
  8. It results in better absorption and accumulation of nutrients, especially K, P and Fe
  9. Increases the resistance to disease by 80%.
  10. The stiffer and less inclined leaves improve the process of phosphorus synthesis.

In Europe, the uptake of silicon in agriculturally intensively used soils, where there are not many plant residues (especially straw), has decreased significantly.

Research shows that silicon plays an important role in increasing the resistance of plants to adverse environmental conditions (e.g., soil salinization, toxins, and drought).

This beneficial effect of silicon is particularly important in a context where the list of authorized plant protection products is shrinking year by year and the only way to protect plants against infection is often to stimulate their natural defenses.

With the silicon-containing SNAJPER 19N liquid foliar fertilizer, the amount of pesticides can be reduced by reducing the amount of pesticides and the burden on the environment.

Research has shown that silicon taken up under dry conditions effectively reduces the effects of water deficiency in plants by promoting the accumulation of osmolytes in cells, limiting water loss, and improving plant mineral supply.

Another important environmental problem in the world is the contamination of soils with heavy metals. Plants use two strategies to cope with excess metals found in the soil: they avoid the uptake of metals by roots and inactivate the metals in the plant.

Silicon has a proven role to play in these processes. Research has shown that metals are already paralyzed in the soil by precipitated metal silicates. Silicon also prevents metals from entering the cells.



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Methodology of field trials.

Crop parameters, pest infestations of products fertilized with classical fertilizers and Snajper 19 N silicon-containing liquid foliar fertilizer in the case of winter wheat cultivation were compared.

Presentation of results so far.

In the case of plants fertilized with Snajper 19 silicon-containing liquid foliar fertilizer, the following can be observed compared to plants fertilized with classical fertilizers:

  • about 16.8% higher grain yield
  • 9.2% higher amount of seeds in cereals
  • The weight of 1000 seeds increases by 6%
  • the height of the plants increases by 5.2%
  • in the intercellular space, the CO2 concentration is 9.7% lower
  • about 3% more flexibility and fracture toughness
  • 49% lower wheat thrip infection
  • 62% lower grain aphid infection

Studies on Snajper 19 N silicon-containing liquid foliar fertilizer also show that foliar fertilization of the plant provides more efficient nutrient uptake from the soil, especially in terms of phosphorus, thus controlling the amount of phosphorus introduced by adding silicon to fertilize the plant. Silicon results in better water uptake and accumulation in plants, as well as making water management in plants more efficient during droughts and heat.


Flexible containers not exceeding 500 kg may be stored in piles of not more than 3 layers, if they weigh more than 500 kg in stacks of 2 layers only