Saletrosan 26 N fertilizer

- contains as sulfur  -

Saletrosan® 26 N(S) 26-(13)

Particle size distribution:Granules between 2 and 6 mm, at least 95%
Particulate matter density:0,98 kg/dm3
N – total nitrogen:26% m/m
in this: 
N – ammonium nitrogen:19% m/m
N – nitrate nitrogen:7% m/m
SO3– water soluble sulfur trioxide:32,5%, (S 13%)
PKWiU PKWiU (Polish Product and Service Catalog) number:
KN code number:3102 29 00

The application of Saletrosan® 26 is recommended in early spring as a foliar fertilizer for autumn sowing, especially autumn rape and autumn cereals. It is recommended for use in the spring on all other field crops: spring cereals, corn, industrial and stoop plants, as well as in vegetable and fruit production. Saletrosan® 26 is irreplaceable in the fertilization of cruciferous plants (rapeseed, sturgeon, mustard seeds, cabbage, cauliflower, kohlrabi), legumes, potatoes, onions, leeks, garlic and horseradish. Very effective on organic soils, especially green areas. When applying Saletrosan® 26 before sowing, it is best to mix it not too deeply with the soil, and it is best to use it as a foliar fertilizer before the expected rain. Perennials should be fertilized in the spring.