Saletrzak 27 N fertilizer

- contains calcium and magnesium  -

Lime ammonium nitrate 27 macro  N(CaMg) 27-(2-4)

Particle size distribution:Granules between 2 and 6mm, at least 95%
Particulate matter density:1,0 kg/dm3
N - total nitrogen:27% m/m
in this: 
N - ammonium nitrogen:13,5% m/m
N - nitrate nitrogen:13,5% m/m
CaO – water-soluble calcium oxide:2% m/m
MgO – total magnesium oxide:4% m/m
PKWiU (Polish Product and Service Catalog) number:
KN code number:3102 40 10

Saletrzak / Lime Ammonium Nitrogen 27 can be used as a macro universal nitrogen fertilizer from early spring to summer for all field crops: autumn and spring cereals, industrial, stoop and feed crops, meadows and vegetable and fruit production. Due to the calcium and magnesium content of all grains, after spreading, the fertilizer should be mixed with the soil and applied as a foliar fertilizer to moist soil or before the expected rain.