Crystalline fertilizers - Premium

Fertilizers from Grupa Azoty

The crystalline fertilizers of Grupa Azoty draw attention to the agricultural sector in the broadest sense, especially to fruit growers and gardeners who are engaged in both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Primarily for farms that may be interested in the multi-component NPK fertilizer supply, which contains easily absorbed micronutrients in the form of stable chelates.

AZOPLON products provide all the necessary nutrients for proper growth and development throughout the growing season. AZOPLON products are chloride-free, making them safe for sensitive plants. Recommended for nutrient and foliar fertilization of agricultural, fruit and vegetable plants. Grupa Azoty products are distinguished by efficiency and speed of operation. They are made of the highest quality raw materials.

Solid mineral fertilizers of the FERTIPLON product family, which are completely soluble in water, are constantly being developed. This is a product group that is used directly for nutrient solution or to form multi-component mixtures with nutrients that are easily absorbed by the plant.



Flexible containers not exceeding 500 kg may be stored in piles of not more than 3 layers, if they weigh more than 500 kg in stacks of 2 layers only